Well. It’s really obvious that’s their mission.

Question, who made them into a God status to kill us?

If they’re so eager to kill people start with yourselves, be leaders show us the way! Soo now

6 billion medical vaxxed walking soon to be dead zombies now walk earth? So how do you kill the

Other billion to get it down to one billion.

And quite frankly there’s space out here for 8 billion people so what gives?

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Remember the mysterious Georgia Guidestones that stated in multiple languages "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000" ? You know, these ones that were blown up on July 6th 2022 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

Someone decided 500,000,000 was enough. There's a long way to go.

If you have "too many people" then you risk losing control of the global population, who can then potentially overpower you. That is why they keep experimenting on small portions of the world populations and dumbing down the western populations with fluoride in the drinking water and vaccines. The 1% are fundamentally afraid of the 99%, and are rectifying the balance. Add the 15 minute cities and the transhumanist agenda - and read Chapter 15 "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, and you will see these arrogant psychopaths have in my opinion - inbred their DNA for centuries to pursue greed and power, and have not cultivated compassion in their bloodlines. They have no intention of relinquishing control of this planet to #WeThePeople and are actively endeavouring to secure their future by ensuring that the global population is disarmed and the number is reduced, plus with the transhumanist convergence of humans with nanotech and AI, we will not be allowed free will.

The NWO "Great Reset" is a totalitarian agenda lead by psychopathic megalomaniacs and grandiose, narcissistic personality disorders that believe they are chosen to do so. All of their constant MSM attack on us about anti-discrimination, is a massive egotistical projection of which they are the most guilty of all. It is not US that needs to apologise to the indigenous peoples of this world for the cultural genocide and invasions that have taken place over centuries, it is THEM.

Yes I know, it all sounds like a ridiculous conspiracy theory. But is it? Please, don't believe me but do your own research. That is my conclusion after several years of intensive deep diving down rabbit holes, assessing every so-called "conspiracy theory" along the way, whilst studying international politics.

An excellent book to read is Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins. That will completely change your perception of US history and all wars and alleged 'dictators' that the US has assassinated, forever.


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Exactly. Well said! Most basic terms is everything they project into us, is exactly what they do.

I remember the Guide Stones.

Remembered the 500,000 to carry their water Choo their wood.

Inbred their dna “to pursue greed and power”

The insane run the asylum.

Well it’s in everyone’s interest to wake the hell up.

Great info

Have not read Pale Horse

These are the same people who conducted Native American genocide

Assuming for land and resources.

Don’t like the idea of 15 minute cities

Don’t like the idea of being enslaved

Although to some degree I am,

To a fiat currency

That creates money out of thin air

And charges me principle and

interest. And I can’t just leave the country without a passport.

Appears to me if we lose this country,

And it appears on the edge by invasion of people not thoroughly vetted for

Health or terror

By the current ongoing anything goes to protect your stolen position, of power

The absurd agenda of global warming,

Slow kill by vaxxinatiions, steal every Penney, suck their souls dry, demoralize

And let them turn on each other.

The big question is do the 99% stand up, before it’s too late.

Maybe it’s too late. Too late for 17 million

Premature dead. More lots more to come.

So you dumb the herd down.

Fatten em up.

Vaxx the life out of em.

Continual drum beat of war, terror, financial collapse, viruses the perfect unseen unknown enemy and presto

Herd is too busy making a living to notice the storm of illegal invaders over the hill.

15 million strangers need food shelter water

I am reading Revelation and we are in the last chapter

Waiting the anti christ to proclaim he’s God

I have learned unlearned many things just this scamdemic time has made me aware these evil bastards are beyond

My most wicked imagination.

And they won’t stop.

And it will get zanier and I am where I am

I want to see how it ends!

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Just 1 More MF scum bag w/ power . We let this happen together we can stop them

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We cannot continue to tolerate secret societies or ridiculously high salaries. There needs to be a wealth cap and all proceeds over and above that cap need to be returned to the community, and predatory philanthropists (like Bill Gates) must no longer have the undemocratic right of choosing what project to fund with their excessive wealth, because they ahve destroyed the WHO and are unrolling global plans that impact our quality of life negatively and that we do not agree with and did not vote on.

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That is interesting, but the video is poor quality and could be dubbed over. Here is another view of the same conference. The conference was held by Perdana Global Peace Foundation, founded by Mahatir. It was warning about the creation of a New World Order, lead by the American proposed TransPacific Partnership.

I tend to view the following link was probably what transpired at this conference. I remember Mahatir to be strongly nationalistic, anti-west. He had spars with Paul Keating the Australian PM. So I doubt he liked anything proposed by the west.

Malaysia is predominantly Muslim and Mahatir opposed the US led wars in the Middle East. I doubt he’d side with the globalists after his repeated anti-west speeches.


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